Training Services To run a business today, you need a wide variety of software, such as: e-mail servers, network operating systems, database systems, etc. It stands to reason that if you want the most out of this software, you need to know what it can do. You can try to learn the software on your own through trial and error, but this is a slow, costly process and does not guarantee that you will learn everything you need to know to operate your computer systems. There is a better way. At Dugger & Associates we offer instructor lead, custom training classes that are tailored to fit your needs and schedule. This approach offers several benefits:

  • The classes are tailored to your needs so there is no time (or money) wasted learning things that you will not use in your environment.
  • The classes can be scheduled around your company's schedule, keeping downtime to a minimum.
  • You can ask questions of the instructors in an instructor lead class, this is not possible learning on your own.
  • We offer classes on a variety of subjects, such as:
    • Outlook
    • Exchange
    • Windows NT/2000
    • SQL Server

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro in the IT world, why not drop us a line at so we can help you learn what you need to make your systems work for you.

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